1. This webpage is only for easing the process of product home delivery to maintain social distancing during the Corona period.

  2. The purpose and validity of this website are until the state excise allows for home delivery.

  3. As per rules the site is not having a payment gateway.

  4. Kindly Do not share OTP with anyone other than the webpage asking for your verification.

  5. Shah Wine store mention here for delivery holds a legally valid license.

  6. As per Maharashtra excise law the minimum age for beers and wines is 21years and for Hard alcohol 25years.

  7. Alcohol will be sold only to permit holders. If the Customer is not holding the valid liquor permit then they have to buy a one-day liquor permit for Rs.5/- as a permit is mandatory with Every order.

  8. We are delivering only to the vicinity of the shop.

  9. The prices mention here are tentative, customer has to pay as per MRP if asked by the shop.

  10. Maximum order Quantity allowed(Per month Per person)IMFL - 12 units(1000ml), Beer - 48 units(650ml), Wine - 24 units