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Shah Wines

We do not sell or promote through online. Please call us in the official numbers given in the website. WE DO NOT COLLECT PAYMENTS THROUGH ANY ONLINE/DIGITAL METHODS.

Shah wines or any of our authorized representatives will never ask for your card number, CVV, UPI ID, OTP, net banking PIN, A/C password or ask you to download any third party app.
Please do not share these details with anyone as this may lead to a fraudulent transaction and Shah wines shall not be liable for the same. Our staff is available to chat on +91 22 2342 7996 or +91 22 2342 7997 Or email

About & History of

Shah Wines

Established in 1954 Shah wines is one of the oldest wine shops in Maharashtra. Shah Wines stocks over 150 imported wines, from countries like Australia, France, Italy, Chile, Spain, New Zealand, Canada and California. The range varies from NZ Sauvignon to Canadian Icewine.

Domestic wines are also available in the range of Vino from Indage to Grover's La Reserve.